I believe in the power of great garden design to ease our minds, improve our health and bring us joy.

To make your garden the best it can be for you, it’s important to me to understand not only your needs but also the nature of your site. I create client and site-specific designs: your garden will be carefully crafted to give you a garden to suit your style as much as your house does, yet environmentally and aesthetically sensitive to your location.

After nearly two decades in this profession I’ve grown an extensive knowledge of plants & horticulture; I draw up detailed planting plans, with plants chosen to suit your gardens’ particular conditions.

I’ve built up an expertise in the technical elements of building a garden too. I love to draw up designs for curvaceous decks, natural wildlife ponds, cool water features and gorgeous timber structures!

My approach is informed by my analytical training as a research scientist and my lifelong engagement with garden-making.

I often think that I grew up in a garden rather than a house. My earliest memories are of being wheeled about (at a great speed!) in a wheelbarrow, picking blackberries from the huge hedge, topping and tailing gooseberries with my sisters, swinging from the beautiful walnut tree and failing to grow wallflowers that I sowed in a bare patch of earth next to a wall.

Since then I’ve been through many stages of garden-making. A strawberry patch as a teenager; spring bulbs outside my first flat; a raised alpine garden with a tiny pond on a concrete courtyard; a family garden with lawn, trees & flowerbeds at last; creating a simple family garden on the wasteland left by developers, to give me sustenance for a while but also tailored to help sell on the house; and now, my lovely new terraced garden: all gold and green: Siberian larch deck and walls; glowing new turf; reflective wildlife pond and my bespoke shed

I‘ve had such pleasure from my gardens; I’d like to create some of that joy for you too!

Professional Development

Course Title Date Held Organised By
Managing Client Success Oct 2019 Society of Garden Designers
Water Features & Construction Sept 2019 Society of Garden Designers
Master of Arts, Landscape Architecture Sept 2017 Leeds Beckett University
Masterclasses in Design and Planting Sept 2014 Oxford School of Garden Design
Health, Safety and Environmental Test: Passed April 2014 British Association of Landscape Industries
Coaching for Leadership and Management Dec 2011-Nov 2012 NBSL
Designing and Building Gardens on Difficult Sites Nov 2011 Society of Garden Designers
Construction and Construction Drawings Oct 2011 Society of Garden Designers
Train to Gain: Business Mentoring Dec 2010-Feb 2011 NBSL
Coaching for High Growth (inc.Business Mentoring) May-Nov 2010 Solutions for Business
The Essentials of Excellence Oct 2010 Society of Garden Designers
Marketing Workshop Oct 2010 Business Link
Negotiation Skills Workshop Jul 2010 Business Link
Specification Writing for Real Life Mar 2010 Society of Garden Designers
Pictorial Meadows, Green Roofs & Rain Gardens Dec 2009 Society of Garden Designers
Heavenly Gardens in Hellish Places Oct 2009 Society of Garden Designers
Finance & Business Nov 2008 Finance Tree
Protect Your Website Sep 2009 Own-It
Water in the Garden May 2009 Society of Garden Designers
Making Money from Intellectual Property Jan 2009 Own-It
Surveying with Confidence Sep 2008 Society of Garden Designers
Business Development Programme Jun-Oct 2008 The Enterprise Agency
The Garden: A Reflection of Its Time Jun 2007 RHS
Not So Soft: Planting to Define Space Apr 2007 Society of Garden Designers
Unleash Your Potential Mar 2007 Women Into the Network
Stone Mar 2006 Society of Garden Designers
Running a Garden Design Practice Mar 2006 Society of Garden Designers
Advanced Certificate in Horticulture (RHS) Apr 2003- Jun 2005 RHS / Houghall College
BTEC National Award in Horticulture Sep 2003-Jun 2004 BTEC / Houghall College
City & Guilds Certificate Component: Garden Design Apr-Jun 2003 City & Guilds / Houghall College