And here's a few Sophia designed earlier

A collection of before and after photos with their relevant designs too!

A curved path leads through a cedar pergola to a raised hardwood deck, where a woman sits in the glow of the afternoon sun, enjoying the view. Click image for more details.

Contemporary Rural Retreat Gallery

Contemporary Rural Retreat

A large traditional stone courtyard garden designed with enclosing gravel paths, formal parterre beds and a stone sphere water feature. Click image for more details.

Traditional Stone Parterre Garden Gallery

Traditional Stone Parterre

A curved brick dwarf wall set into a patio leads to  .

Curvaceous Multilevel Garden Gallery

Curvaceous Multilevel Garden

A terraced rear garden with a Siberian larch retaining wall the full width of the garden. Above the wall, to the right, lies a Japanese maple tree, a cobble-bordered wildlife pond and a bespoke wooden shed. To the right are meadow borders, a swing seat and a large deck. Click image for more details.

Natural Scandi Haven Garden Gallery

Natural Scandi Haven

A decorative tiny brick courtyard garden with semi-circular raised beds and a raised pond backed by a mirror. Click image for more details.

Tiny Victorian Courtyard Garden Gallery

Tiny Victorian Courtyard

A cedar table & bench seat are placed in front of a natural stone waterfall. Behind is a bark path and low stone wall with a wooden gate leading to the woodland to the rear. Click image for more details.

Water, Woodland, & Wildlife Garden Gallery

Water, Woodland, & Wildlife

A lawn sweeps around a soft green half-brick conservatory leading to a swing seat next to a pond. There's a patio in the foreground, with seating. Click image for more details.

Suburban Wildlife Oasis Garden Gallery

Suburban Wildlife Oasis

To the foreground is a circular feature tabletop, a terrace and a lower circular performance space. The backdrop is a great view of the Tyne Bridge. Click image for more details.

Public Spaces Gallery

Public Spaces